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With a new online form, Sclable improved the Vienna Film Commission’s filming permit process; increasing their capacity to promote the city as a top filming location

Vienna Film Commission GmbH
UX & UI Design, Custom Software Development

From lush parks to baroque palaces to gritty modern architecture, Sclable’s hometown Vienna is a unique city to film in. Thanks to the Vienna Film Commission, it also has a reputation in the global film industry as an organized, connected, and welcoming location.

The Commission, a small but mighty non-profit, is the first point of contact for all productions and committed to achieving sustainable effects for the local industry. To do this, its dedicated team helps filmmakers find locations and local service partners, lobbies for the film sector and promotes Vienna around the world.

When they have the time.

The fact is the Commission team spends much of their time helping filmmakers secure filming permits from the city administration and municipal departments. It’s complex and time-consuming.

To carry the torch for Vienna as a film destination into the future, the Commission needed an online form that functions at the same level of excellence as their international reputation.

What we achieved together

Streamlined operations

In-app format makes back-office administration seamless; improving efficiency and productivity.

Reputation enhancement

Clean design and clear user experience honor Vienna Film Commission’s exceptional service.

More strategic capacity

Feedback from user testing and general improvements implemented for an enhanced experience.

Transparency boost

Increased reporting power provides Vienna Film Commission board with data vital to financing.

The first sessions with the Commission revealed two very different user experiences for the previous filming permit form.

For the filmmaker, it’s easy! Enter the details, submit, and await your letter of recommendation. If there’s an issue, the Commission will contact you. Otherwise, you’re approved.

It’s entirely different for the Commission. The back-office administration generated by each request demands hours of time. Each is individually reviewed, and the filmmaker contacted if there are any issues or missing information. Once all the details are clear, they are manually entered into a letter of recommendation document. In 2022, two project managers performed the task for 1,290 productions.

With knowledge of the effort that goes into each request, we mapped out a user journey for the Commission that streamlined their back-office workflow.

How we made it happen

Scope discovery & shaping
First consultations and user flow mapping reveal complexity of permit process for Vienna Film Commission back office.
Application concept
Miro, Jira and Figma facilitate creation of software architecture, UI/UX design, wireframes and screen design
Iterative development
Kanban workflow applied to development.
Technologies used include nuxt.js, typescript, mongodb.
Feedback loops
After each increment, client feedback is swiftly gathered and incorporated in the next iteration
New year. New form. Upon launch, form received positive feedback from Commission and filmmakers alike
November 2022
January 2023

A behind-the-scenes solution

designed to impress front-end users

The new form is now an in-app format combining text fields, calendars and drop-down menus. Helpful features include an interactive street map where filmmakers can mark locations and a space to upload synopsis documents describing the production. When ready, the app auto-generates a letter of recommendation that is pre-filled with the data provided by the filmmaker. All the Commission has to do is forward it onto the relevant municipal department.

In short, the new form collects and delivers details to Commission project managers in a more structured way. Saving time and effort.

Most importantly for the city administration and the financing partners, statistical data can be exported for evaluation and reporting. Proving their annual successes has never been easier!

Wireframes for filming permit application and back-office dashboard
Process for creation of user flows
Screen designs for filming permit application
Generated PDF letter of recommendation
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Christoph Ambichl
Director of Technology
Julia Stavrev-Kraft
Lead Agile Coach
Tugyan Ertürk
User Experience Architect
Oliver Lange
Senior Front-End Engineer
Hakan Özkan
Senior Full-Stack Engineer
Markus Schreiber
Senior Full-Stack Engineer
Andreas Leibetseder
Andreas Leibetseder
Senior DevOps Engineer