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Berlin Hyp

Sclable helped Berlin Hyp to create a structured, transparent and automated credit process, improving the commercial real estate loan experience for employees.

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Berlin Hyp AG

Commercial real estate loan resolution is a complex process. Real estate and mortgage banks like Berlin Hyp AG must involve many internal and external stakeholders, manually digitize and analyse data from a range of sources, and integrate different kinds of operations.

With the goal of transforming commercial real estate lending, Sclable collaborated with Roland Berger to reimagine both the application process and approval procedures, along with the methods for monitoring existing loans. This involved defining a centralized and validated data management system, automating various processes, and seamlessly integrating the new portal solution into Berlin Hyp’s established IT infrastructure.

What we achieved together

Enhanced data quality

By automating document extraction and digitization, the accuracy and speed of data delivery are significantly enhanced.

Interdepartmental alignment

All departments within Berlin Hyp can continue usual operations, but with the added benefit of accesible-to-all, centralized data.

Aligned calculation and business logic

Accessing information is simpler, more consistent, and fully transparent for all relevant stakeholders.

Automation and integration

Information once scattered across channels and documents now digitized in one place.

Now, all Berlin Hyp departments can continue their work as usual, while their pertinent data is automatically digitized and centralized within the portal. This facilitates concurrent work processes and fosters increased collaboration among departments, resulting in heightened effectiveness and transparency.

In addition to automating document extraction and management, the portal seamlessly integrates data from over 10 existing systems utilized by Berlin Hyp. This alignment of calculations, business logic, and data ensures easy and consistent access to information. The status of data is now fully transparent to all stakeholders and each team member has access to a comprehensive and understandable loan overview.

Furthermore, specific segments of the portal have been optimized for iPad use, streamlining approval processes for the management board.
While primarily developed for Berlin Hyp’s internal team, the enhancements in lending workflow, speed, and transparency also benefit commercial real estate customers. By delivering a superior experience compared to competitors, Berlin Hyp solidified its position as a frontrunner in the sector.

Deal and application overview
Monitoring and data management of existing loans
Task based collection and verification of data
Aggregated and streamlined data overview

How we made it happen


User interviews clarify customer and employee pain points and identify future potential.



Service Design reworks processes and workflows to change ways of working through digitalization.

since 2018


Support client in organizational restructuring for updated digital processes.

since 2019


UX & UI Design create consistent and appealing user interfaces for daily work.

since 2019


Agile Software Development. Short iterations swiftly collect and incorporate stakeholder feedback.

since 2020


Go live, including release management for continuous improvement, development and maintenance.

since 2022
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