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The best solutions

The best solutions
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Who we are

Exceptional business solutions are created when data, design and code are equally prioritized.

That’s what our founders Peter Kerschhofer and Markus Nenning discovered when establishing Sclable in 2012. It’s been a guiding principle since. For over a decade, our hyper-collaborative and empathetic approach has set us apart in a tech-focused field. Progressive companies benefit from the support and specialized skills of over 50 experts from diverse professional backgrounds.

Why Sclable?

One-of-a-kind solutions

Realize your vision. We provide you with the extra attention needed to create products and services as unique as your business – and its challenges.

Design, data and code

Save time and money. We involve senior experts in all three disciplines from day one, ensuring efficiency at every project stage.

Complex problem-solving

Get to the root of challenges. We let curiosity lead the way, enabling us to ask the right questions, break down assumptions and rethink the status-quo.

Ambition and agility

Achieve your goals. We set targets with strategic planning together. Then we exceed them with agile processes and thoughtful pivoting.

Diverse specialists

Benefit from keen skills and expertise with over 50 specialists in design, research, software engineering, data science, agile and business architecture.

Experience and intuition

Enjoy peace of mind. In a tech landscape packed with start-ups, we offer you the reliability and humanity of a mature studio with over a decade of experience.

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