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Our approach

Digital Strategy
& Innovation

  • 1. Frame

  • 2. Discover

Digital Products,
Services & Platforms

  • 3. Shape

  • 4. Build

  • 5. Evolve

Digital Strategy
& Innovation

  • 1.

    strategy to
    make you
    fit for the

  • 2.

    services &

Digital Products,
Services & Platforms

  • 3.

    services &

  • 4.

    products &

  • 5.


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Our services

Benefit from keen skills and expertise with over 50 specialists in design, research, software engineering, data science, agile and business architecture.

  • Digital Strategy

    Make your business fit for the future by identifying the advantages and opportunities digitalization, data, and AI offer.

    • Digital Goal Mapping
    • Digital Vision & Strategy
    • Innovation Consulting
    • Insight-Driven Company Setup
    • Digital Business Model Development
    • Data & AI Strategy
  • Experience Design

    Power remarkable journeys for your users by reimagining and digitizing your business. From process, to products, to services.

    • User Research
    • Data-Driven Research
    • Behavior Design
    • Needs & Motivations Clustering
    • Stakeholder Mapping
    • Touchpoint Analysis
    • Touchpoint Strategy
    • Experience Journeys
  • Digital & AI Use Case Exploration

    Explore and define how digitalization and AI can work hard for your business, and identify the solutions that can bring your vision to life.

    • Digital Use Case Ideation
    • AI Use Case Ideation
    • Use Case Prioritization
    • Use Case Roadmaps
    • Service Landscapes
  • Service Design

    Position the relationship between your business and users as the industry benchmark, and create product and services that optimize their interactions.

    • Service Strategy
    • Service Model Canvas
    • User Journeys
    • Interaction Design (all channels)
    • Service Blueprints
    • Service Scenarios & Storyboards
    • Process Automation Checks
  • UX & UI Design

    Identify your user’s challenges and solve them with intuitive and aesthetically pleasing product and service solutions they love using.

    • User Journeys
    • Information Architecture
    • UX Conceptualizing
    • User Flow Charts
    • Wireframing
    • Design Systems
    • Interaction Design
    • UX/UI Click Dummy Design
  • Digital & AI Prototyping

    Get direct user feedback and boost decisionmaker confidence. Test your one-of-a-kind solution along the development process with useable prototypes.

    • Visual Prototyping
    • Functional Prototyping
    • Data Pipeline Prototyping
    • AI Prototyping
    • User Case Feasibility Checking
  • Custom Software Development

    Ensure smooth implementation and deployment with production-ready and scalable software. Designed and developed just for you.

    • Software Design & Architecture
    • Backend Development
    • Frontend Development
    • API Design & Development
    • IT Integration
    • Deployment & Release Management
  • AI Development

    Build your one-of-a-kind solution on data and AI, ensuring it scales to the future needs of your business and users.

    • Solution Design & Architecture
    • Data Architecture & Engineering
    • AI Development
    • Backend Development
    • Frontend Development
    • API Design & Development
    • IT Integration
    • Deployment & Release Management
  • Operations & Continuous Improvement

    Keep your one-of-a-kind solution up to date with future requirements after deployment with ongoing support. Either in the cloud or your own environment.

    • Infrastructure
    • Cloud
    • Monitoring
    • DevOps
    • DevOps Consulting
  • Business Analytics

    Make sense of your data and use newfound insights to optimize your products and processes based on user feedback and needs.

    • Product Analytics
    • User Analytics
    • Feedback Analysis
    • Dashboarding & Reporting
    • Process Mining
    • Data Science & Machine Learning

Improve your day-to-day processes with our Digital Operations support services. Including Data and MLOps Consulting, Agile Consulting and DevOps Consulting.

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