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by WIBERG – strong partner of gastronomy for generations

Founded in 1947, WIBERG is for generations a partner of gastronomy as well as meat processing- and other food-industries, with more than 600 employees worldwide.

In the world of food production, WIBERG stands for innovative taste concepts, with perfectly balanced spices, active agents and casings amongst their products. In addition to herbs, spices and spice mixes, the WIBERG range also includes high-quality vinegars, speciality vinegars, oils, dip sauces and balsamic glazes.

Next to being an expert in the flavourful effects of spices and in finding best ways in matching them to foods, WIBERG’s aim is to optimize and find cost-effective solutions for preparing and producing food. What makes WIBERG unique is that the employees are not only experts in spices and spice-additive mixtures, but they understand, yet even master, the entire production process.

Starting Point

All employees have profound knowledge of the entire production process, but that doesn’t mean, the process is never changing. Part of the daily routine at WIBERG is producing custom made products that require an individual production process.

For example, in proposing solutions that are “right at the target”, they translate the variety of regional flavour preferences into the right composition of spices and spice-additive mixtures, guaranteeing therefore a high level of individuality in their product scale. This influences the process flow.

Besides, WIBERG’s products are meeting the criteria for international certifications like for example halal or biological. Due to modifications in international regulations, the requirements to the production process change occasionally.
All of this results in a highly complex manufacturing process with many individual variations.

As a consequence, WIBERG needs to build applications (in this case a process based ERP tool) that adapt fast and in real time to changing demands. Even above that stands the necessity for a secure and reliable monitoring of the process.

The Sclable Solution – process based ERP tool

With Sclable, WIBERG built a process based ERP tool that meets all requirements of their highly complex and diverse manufacturing process. The ERP tool based on processes built with Sclable focuses on the possibility of fast changes, while covering the need for security and reliability in enterprise-grade business applications.

In addition to that, Sclable allows to assign roles to certain users, who will then see only the tasks attached to their roles. This means for example that a seller responsible for a certain geographic area, will receive only customer requests from his/her selling district.

In terms of multichannel usage, WIBERG is meeting the users’ demand for mobility and device-independence: WIBERG employees use Sclable on more than 5 different devices, ranging from mobile devices to office PCs to PCs in the production line.

WIBERG is using the process based ERP tool built with Sclable successfully since the beginning of 2015. Since the implementation in June 2015, they are presenting already quite impressive numbers:

  • More than 100 users
  • More than 23.400 Notifications sent
  • More than 100.000 tracked changes within the data


“In the use case of WIBERG, Sclable proves its ability to allow agility and flexibility in development as well as in ongoing operations. All this while guaranteeing the security, reliability and stability necessary in enterprise IT.”

A WORD OF ADVICE FROM FROM JOHANNES LEONHARDT (Head of business unit food industry and Member of the Executive Board at WIBERG)

“Sclable is supporting WIBERG according to our product- / production reliability as well as our zero-tolerance for defects.”

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