Pilot for a new business model

by major player in component distribution for the oil and gas industry.

Our customer is a major player in components manufacturing and distribution for the oil and gas industry with more than 7000 employees worldwide.

As with many companies in the manufacturing industry, the pressure to rethink and reinvent the current business model is enormous.

Starting point

In the oil and gas industry, the pressure to get a new business model to market rapidly is greater than ever. Our client had to evaluate a new business model fast. They needed to rethink “just selling” components and came up with a component lease program with value added services.

Considering the high pressure coming from the industry, the time-to-market window was extremely tight.

In the course of changing the business model, our customer wanted to use all possibilities of digitalisation, especially mobile and Big Data, to generate more knowledge regarding their own market.

The objective is better data collection regarding product use – in order to create valuated services and reduce costs.

In essence: Changing from selling components to leasing them opens up a  broader set of services along components’ post-sales lifecycle.

The Sclable solution – Pilot for a new business model

With Sclable, a seamless transition from prototyping ideas to a rollout-ready product was possible: Our customer grew from “idea to pilot” in less than 3 months, achieving the production ready pilot with the lowest impact on IT resources.

The project setup could therefore be kept to a minimum: On the customer side, the project was mainly handled by one Business Development Expert who collected information from the production and sales departments. On Sclable’s side, a business analyst, an application developer and a mobile development expert were involved.

The development challenges lay in validating the technical feasibility of the new business model in a phased process (Prototype – Sandbox – Pilot – Rollout).

The Sclable process model and method allows the customer to test the product continually during all phases of development. From day one. In other words, the customer always has a live testable prototype at his fingertips.

During the initial prototyping phase, which lasted only a few workshop days, ideas were transformed into an executable model and the customer tested the product himself. Next came the sandbox phase, during which key users had a few weeks time to test the product while it evolves into pilot-ready form. And finally, in the pilot phase, a stable software is ready for testing by friendly customers.

In October  2016, the project entered the pilot phase.

A word of advice from our customer’s BizDev

“We were impressed by the great experience of working with Sclable and it revealed results from day one. My biggest challenge was to show that the new business model could be executed. With Sclable, I received valuable information on shaping the business model idea from the very first day and could prove its technical feasibility within an extremely short time.”

A word of advice from Roland RUst, Sclable CVO & Co-Founder

“It is amazing how much pioneering spirit can be found in traditional industries. Since oil prices recently dropped below any worst case scenario, industry priorities have been turned upside down. These massive changes in the industry make time to market key. Sclable provides a technology and a method to bring an industry-wide game changing business model to the market faster than ever.”

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Pilot for new business model “component lease program”