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Claudia Stockinger, team leader of Data & Business Analysis at LexisNexis, was searching for custom manufacturing software to map individual business processes. In her case, software that could support book production from the beginning to the end. She soon discovered that a standard software was not the solution.

Starting point

At LexisNexis, the journey from an idea to the print-ready book has a very specific process with many steps in between. These production steps are influenced both by the organization as a whole and by the way individual departments operate.

The challenge for Claudia was to find custom manufacturing software to support manufacturing processes in exactly the way they are performed in the company. Each department has a specific mode of operation.

Should there be process changes along the way, it was important that they could be implemented and applied immediately.
To complicate things, all the necessary information to produce a book was stored in isolated databases or spreadsheets. It included data about the authors, types of paper, as well as parameters for calculating the retail price such as the number of pages and paper thickness.

“We needed custom manufacturing software that would streamline and support the multilayered business processes by capturing all of the distributed company knowledge and data but, at the same time, reflect the specifics of each department.”

The Sclable solution – Custom manufacturing software

Claudia accepted the bid to combine the scattered business knowledge into a software that would map the most efficient execution of each operational step. All pertinent information would be centrally stored and provided at the right step in the process.

With Sclable, Claudia transformed the knowledge base distributed throughout the company into one business application. Yet, she is not afraid to touch the running system, as Sclable supports changes. Whenever a step in the process changes, the Sclable application follows – immediately.

The LexisNexis-Sclable solution has been in use since 2014. All program management steps – from drafting to tracking to printing – are reflected at the department level. Contextual knowledge is provided at each step and a detailed reporting system is supported. It is clear that Sclable has strengthened LexisNexis by enabling reliable planning and increasing production efficiency and quality.

A word of advice from Claudia

“Before working with Sclable, it is essential to have a clear picture of the way your processes function. During the project, however, we got an even better understanding of how we work and realized that some of our processes could be made more efficient. Sclable allowed us to include our improvements any time in real-time and the changes were effective immediately.”

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