From rapid prototyping to pilot in 3 months

Accelerate Business Applications. Reduce time-to-market.

Seamless transition from prototyping ideas to a rollout-ready product.

Sclable is used by companies across various industries where demands drive change. We support you in digital transformation projects and in evaluating new business models fast. Use Sclable to extremely reduce the time-to-market for your new business model or product.


Do you feel the pressure too?

The Sclable Platform allows a seamless transition from prototype over sandbox to pilot. With a time to market window from 3-5 months. Our unique, model driven tech-stack and rapid prototyping method allow an application-protoype in one day, a sandbox within a week and a market-ready pilot in three months. Sclable gives you a fully functional application from day one to test with real customers. Based on an enterprise-grade tech-stack that stays with you through roll-out.

Our model and method

Build a valuable product. From day one.

Application Prototype

Result: Application Prototype
Transform ideas into an executable model

Application Pilot

Result: Application Pilot
Get ready for market launch

Stable Software

Result: Stable Software
Get ready for scaling

A Scalable Service

Result: A Scalable Service
Get ready for service maintenance

Spot on prototyping

An integrated agile team is bringing ideas to life built on a central domain model.

UX Research

Tasks and methods
UX Research
Business Domain Definition

Idea Sketching

Tasks and methods
Idea Sketching, User Journey…
Domain Modeling
Application Architecture Design

Interaction Prototyping

Tasks and methods
Interaction Prototyping, Design
Functional Prototype

Project Types

Our agile method can be adopted to fit exactly your project needs, considering user, business and system requirements.

 Project Type 1: User-Centered Design Method Adaptation

Focus on Concept & Design Ideation
Involve Users from day one
Address the whole User Experience

User-Centered Design Method Adaptation

user requ.

business requ.

system requ.

Roll Out

Project Type 2: Business- & System-Centered Design Method Adaptation

Focus on Business Domain Model
Involve IT to assure Systems Integration
Address all Business Requirements

Business- & System-Centered Design Method Adaptation

user requ.

business requ.

system requ.

Roll Out

Our unique Tech-Stack

The Sclable Platform allows everyone on the team to work on the Application at the same time from day one. The requirements gathering and process modelling is done by business and IT together.


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