Business Applications based on Domain Models

The Sclable Platform

Find out what is possible with Sclable!

The Sclable Platform is an intuitive tool for
modelling business applications based on domain models.

See in our three Videos how we extend the limits
by radically rethinking technology.

Build fast. Change fast. Use.


Video 1
Business Domain Modelling with Sclable

Accelerate your time to market!

Accelerate Development

Sclable’s Core Engine generates an enterprise-grade, ready-to-go, living application from your domain model which covers up to 90% of your application’s business logic.

Increase your productivity

Develop, test and use your application at the same time and reduce or eliminate pre-development overhead.

With Sclable’s domain modelling capabilities, you are developing your own specific domain language. This reduces your upfront specification, and eliminates your translation overhead to share knowledge between developers and users.

You always wanted to involve the end-users into the development process by providing real test data? With Sclable you can keep structure and data of your business domain in sync.

Sclable offers an armada of productivity tools to help you get your prototype ready under one hour and your first release out in a day. For production environments apply changes in hours, not months. Get your prototype ready under 1 hour. Get your first release out in 1 day.


Video 2
Extensible Platform for Business Application Development

Extend without limits!

Accelerate Development

Write your own generic and specific packages by using features such as domain sensitive code completion and more.

Increase your productivity

Cover up to 90% of your application customization by installing pre-existing functionality via packages extending Sclable’s set of functionality.

The Sclable Platform ships with a solid set of functionality which can be easily extended without limits by developers. Packages encapsulate everything your application can’t have out of the box: process automation, custom interfaces, native device support, you name it.

If there is no pre-existing package available within Sclable’s growing package library, go write your own! Become part of a global hub of business domain experts, enterprise architects and skilled programmers. Together with them you’ll change the future of business application development!


Video 3
Integrate your Business Application

Connect without programming!

Accelerate Development

Create and publish an API for your application within minutes.

Increase your productivity

Connect to other systems via packages providing data connectors.

Creating and publishing an API for your application to let other systems connect to it is just as easy as adding a user and assigning an agenda. Pre-existing packages extend Sclable with any type of machine to machine communication standard from good old SOAP to state of the art HAL-JSON.

Integrate into system landscapes easily by using connectivity packages as well. From OAuth and Active Directory authentication to native MySQL, MS-SQL database integration you can bind to external domains of any structure or technical specification.

Create your own connectivity packages for even the obscurest legacy systems or mainframes from the stone age!

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