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Business applications don’t run standalone.

Sclable is making it extremely easy to integrate your Sclable business application into any existing system landscape and have domains provide knowledge and functionality to each other.

Find out in this video that you can integrate your business application in IT systems and safely connect it to your business partners.

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Your Business Domain Model

Your Sclable business application is driven by your business domain model.

Your business domain model is not hermetically sealed. In fact, your Sclable application might be built upon several domain models. More than that, it is quite unusual for your application to be run as a standalone system.

Integrate your business application in your existing system landscape, just like any other business software you are using.

Multiple Domains

Integrate your Business Application_Multiple Domains

Domains can be bound to each other in various ways. Their models provide the technical necessities to allow for such a binding.

Let’s assume you are developing a shipping company’s business application. Your business domain has knowledge about ships and containers shipped with them.

As a new feature for your application, you want to track, visualize and measure the routes taken by their ships and containers.

To integrate such a feature, you need the knowledge from the business domain of a company running a geo information service called GIS.

Domain Binding in Sclable

Integrate your Business Application_Domain Binding in Sclable

Within Sclable, domains are bound to each other by a context. The GIS domain will provide a configuration for that contextual binding where the shipping company can register ships and containers to be tracked.

In addition to that there will be functionality such as a geographical map for the visualization of the routes taken by ships and containers.

Once the contextual binding is done, it is easy for you as the developer of the shipping company’s application to utilize the map functionality provided by the GIS domain.

Domain Binding outside Sclable

Integrate your Business Application_Domain Binding outside Sclable

Sometimes you will need to share data with a service that is not modelled within Sclable.
So contextual binding is not an option.

Let’s assume your application needs to automatically send information to the customs authority of the destination country upon entering a port.
But the customs authority belongs to a domain of its own.

They will share at least that part of their business domain which allows your own business domain to bind to. It is quite common that they will do so by providing an application programming interface, called API, along with a service.

Numerous Domains

Integrate your Business Application_Numerours Domains

Just like the GIS service or port authority you can provide contextual bindings to your business domain to other companies. Imagine you want a logistics company to get information on the time schedule and capacity of your ships.

To do this you will only need to share a small part of your business domain. The Sclable Platform makes the integration of your Sclable business application into any existing IT system extremely easy and let’s you safely connect your application to your business partners.

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Sclable’s basic concepts

Integrating your application and connecting it is essential. Here is some of Sclable’s basic concepts when you integrate your business application.
For an even deeper insight, visit our developer portal.


Accessible via web browser your application’s users manage data, generate reports and even change the domain model.

IT experts have full access to your business domain model as well as your business data on every level from database to APIs.

Depending on your needs, your business application is hosted by the Sclable cloud service or within your own IT infrastructure.


The Sclable Application Designer empowers you to change and grow your business application without the help of IT experts.

Gradually all tools and calculations used in day to day work can be properly modelled, extending your application.

That way, the know-how-secrets distributed across your company get secured. They become a valid part of your business domain.


The Sclable domain model makes it easy to extract information from your data to gain knowledge about your business.

Analysis and reporting is a business process and can be a part of your domain and application.

More than often, it is the result of your analysis that show the necessity for change.

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