Extensible Platform for Business Application Development

The Sclable Platform

Video 2: Extend

Extend your application by making use of the Sclable Platform’s programming environment.

Sclable comes with a generic application which is always at your hands. You are empowered to change and optimize it.

We cannot imagine a functionality you cannot achieve.

The video shows that you can achieve anything by providing additional functionality to your application in the form of packages.

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Your Application

The foundation of your Sclable business application is your business domain model, which describes every logical aspect of your business. The modelling capabilities of Sclable’s extensible business application development platform allow you to change your domain model according to your needs at any time.

With every change to the model, Sclable generates your application from it.

Your application is ready to use, enterprise-grade and it meets all the standards required for business applications today.

Your application provides user management, navigation, data-record overviews and forms for each step of a workflow.
It enables you and your team to work with your business domain immediately.

Using Your Application

Extensible Business Application Development Platform_Using your application

Developing a business application, without knowing about the data being handled with it, is often enough an impossible thing to do.

While developers build the domain model by creating entities and relations, users add data to the application by creating arbitrary instances of these entities.

That way, they support the development team by testing and verifying the logical aspects as well as the completeness of your domain model.

Moreover, whenever non-developers add or modify data related to your company structure, your application gradually learns how specific tasks are delegated throughout your application.

Structures and Data

Extensible Business Application Development Platform_Structures and data

With Sclable structures and data converge.
This opens up great opportunities for development teams:

Your Application’s domain language is defined by your business,
there is no translation overhead to share knowledge between developers and users.

Business logic is kept within the domain model,
changes to your domain model don’t affect your developer’s code.

There is no need to specify every functional detail upfront,
since adding additional functionality in most cases is a matter of minutes.

Sclable’s extensible business application development platform redefines how agile development teams will work on your business application projects.

Extending Your Application

Extensible Business Application Development Platform_Extendending your application

There are literally no limits for developers regarding the extensibility of Sclable’s set of features.
Developers can achieve all kind of solutions by providing additional functionality to your application in the form of packages.

For the customization of your application, developers can easily provide any functionality you can’t have out of the box: Process automation, Custom interfaces, Native device support, you name it.

And in addition to your own packages, Sclable is growing a package library with existing optional functionality to choose from and to contribute to – easily.

Sclable Ecosystem

Extensible Business Application Development_Sclable Ecosystem

This way, every Sclable developer is part of a global hub of business domain experts, enterprise architects and skilled programmers.

They grow and share an unbeatable knowledge.

Together they will change the future of Business Application Development.

Do you want to learn more about the Sclable Package Library?

Do you want to contribute packages to our Market Place?


Sclable’s basic concepts

Extending your application is essential. Here is some of Sclable’s basic concepts regarding your application. For an even deeper insight, visit our developer portal.

Productivity Layer

The Sclable Productivity Layer is a complete web-stack for your domain model and built “upon” the Sclable Core Engine. Framework, API and Generic Application allow you to test and verify your domain model without writing a line of code.

The Sclable productivity layer is our environment for application development.

And it is yours if you want to achieve some peculiar functionality we couldn’t possibly think of.


The Sclable Productivity Layer comes as a programming environment that can be easily integrated into any development toolchain you might prefer.

At Sclable we use the Productivity Layer ourselves for all backends and frontends. Your application can be enriched by writing extensions as plugins.

Sclable Factory

The Sclable Factory is the home of your application and all extensions to your application.

It is the place to browse for plugins other Sclable developers have published. If you feel your own plugins could be useful for others, you can publish them as well.

Enterprise compliance

The Sclable Platform is enterprise compliant. No need to think about topics such as audit-acceptability or security.

From banking corporations to startup companies, every component of the Sclable Platform is challenged continuously. Our update cycle responds to these challenges daily.


Packages provide functionality that can be used to extend a business application.

You can use the functionality of an installed package when extending your application.

In case the package brings along a domain of it’s own, the package will provide a means to bind your domain to it. The concept of packages is quite similar to applications running on an operating system.

Sclable packages can extend your application in every imaginable way including the OS your application is running on.

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