Business Application Development Tools

The Sclable Platform and its software components

White Papers

We created our White Papers to introduce the Sclable environment for business application development, and the business application development tools the Sclable Business Application Development Platform ships with.

The White Papers are primarily directed at people who haven’t used Sclable before, but also Sclable developers that are already

familiar with agile business application development with Sclable can find useful information.

The visualizations we use in our White Papers help understand deeper how to use the Sclable Platform for model driven design (mdd) as a modelling tool to create your domain model.

Technical White Paper

The Sclable Business Application Development Platform consists of software components and business application development tools with a clear focus on solving problems occurring during the development and the maintenance of business applications.

This document is targeted at developers of business applications, who haven’t used Sclable before. The contents of this paper should give a sufficient overview of the components

the Sclable Business Application Development Platform consists of and roughly how these components depend on each other.

An important aspect of this document is to clear out the nomenclature Sclable uses. Recognizing the names of the components will be of a great use for developers when actually working with Sclable. A layered visualization of the Sclable Components helps to get the big picture.

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Ecosystem White Paper

The Sclable Ecosystem includes services, tools and environment configurations you will need to use the Sclable Business Application Development Platform at its full potential. This paper aims to give you a better understanding of how the Sclable Ecosystem built around the platform works even if you’ll never get in touch with some parts of it directly.

This document is intended for developers of business applications who have not used Sclable before. It gives a high level

overview of what comprises the business application development tools and services the Sclable Ecosystem provides and what their main purpose is regarding business application development with Sclable.

It also gives an introduction to the nomenclature used in the Sclable environment, a visualization of the Sclable Ecosystem’s development tools and services, and an explanation of how they interact with each other.

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