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Zur Rose Suisse AG

We created the easiest way for people to submit prescriptions and manage their medication.



Zur Rose Suisse AG


Digital Strategy,
Service Design,
Experience Design,
UI Design,
Digital Prototyping

Zur Rose Suisse AG is Europe’s largest online pharmacy, providing medication and healthcare products to over 11-million active customers. Their vision is creating a world where anyone can manage their own health “in one click”.

To achieve this, Zur Rose identified the need to improve their online pharmacy; giving people a straightforward and responsive customer experience that seamlessly combines online and offline services.

Improving people’s lives through better digital services? That resonates with Sclable. Working in high contact with Zur Rose, we established a consistent, strategy-focused approach that swiftly improved the current customer experience. Now, as a strategic partner, we are ensuring the brand’s status as an innovation leader in its industry.

Hands holding a mobile phone with screen showing a Zur Rose page. Pills, pill organizer and a notebook are in the background

Accelerated iteration for successful delivery.
What’s been achieved (so far):

Account Personalization

Enables customers to order easily with one click.

Optimized Live Order Tracking

Improves customer experience with visuals.

Improved Medication Planning

Implementing user feedback simplifies the experience.

In addition to benchmarking and competitor analysis, we interviewed users to deepen our understanding of their needs and daily challenges. We learned that the more convenient an online pharmacy is, the more likely it is that people include it in their medication routines.

With users ranging from their mid-thirties to mid seventies, what is considered “convenient” can look very different. But some similarities did arise. For example, all users appreciate a medication intake form that is clear to use and visually appealing. They also all agree that SMS alerts are the best way to receive medication intake reminders.

Such insights gave us the data we needed to create online journeys and service concepts.

Tranforming insights into concepts that win over decision makers and users.

To secure confident buy-in from Zur Rose’s management board, we accelerated approvals with a modified process. Typically at this stage wireframes would be taken to full-scale user testing. Instead, we provided a comprehensive presentation with a video production we coordinated. Together, they guided the board through the new solution.

With confident sign-off from leadership, wireframes went to testing. Mediators walked users through each step of the pharmacy. Under close observation, the users clicked through and interacted with each screen.

Honoring the insights gathered in user testing, the final design made the application more usable and accessible for Zur Rose customers. Overall, the improved experience is boosting their adoption and use of the entire service.

More than a digital vendor.

While prioritizing Zur Rose’s requirements for their customers’ needs, we elevated a consistent and strategy-focused approach into a “Roadmap to 2025”. Now, the corporation is one customer experience closer to its long-term goal of sustained seamless care.

How we made it happen


Establishing goals and timeline. Defining high-contact way of working.


Interviewing stakeholders. Online research. Creating user personas and user journeys.

Design Solutions

Developing wireframes and screens.

Iteration & Improvement

Testing and improving screen design.

Roadmap 2025

Defining long-term strategy for seamless care.

Service Design

Developing service scenarios and blueprint.

Continuous Improvements

Optimizing customer Experience, UX and UI to seamless care.
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