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Systematizing Nedschroef’s engineering knowledge with AI, Sclable improved its quoting system – increasing new business uptake and profit margins in the process.

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Holding things together is big business. The global fastener industry includes nuts, bolts, screws, pins, adhesives and more. It’s fast paced and competitive with low profit margins.

Nedschroef is a leader and renowned for supplying the automotive and aviation industries with cold-forged fasteners that are heavy duty and high quality. Founded in the Netherlands in 1894, the company grew rapidly. Now it has factories in Europe, China and the United States and employs brilliant engineers dedicated to building customized fastener solutions for clients.

The challenge?

Quoting new business was drawn-out, costly and had a low success rate.

In short, Nedschroef wasn’t being paid for a lot of their work!

The project team also found that the problem was compounded by the high complexity of Nedschroef’s internal processes. Fragmented by geography, the company’s engineering methods and knowledge were distributed amongst different factories, or lost when engineers moved on from the company.

Nedschroef needed a swift and standardized quoting system. With it, they could improve new business uptake, increase profit margins, and implement a structured way of working company wide.

End-to-end digitalized quoting.

Working in close collaboration with Nedschroef, the project team developed a digitalized quoting system. Powered by customized software, it centralizes the knowledge of Nedschroef’s global workforce. It also employs Machine-Learning-enhanced information extraction to analyze and parse data sent to sales by potential clients, extract applicable project details from past quotes, and generate a shortlist of capable factories. Nedschroef calls it the “Dream Factory”.

What we achieved together

Centralized knowledge

Once spread across factories and employees, know-how is now consolidated.

Reutilized data

Existing quotes are now mined instead of reinventing the wheel with each request.

Standardized processes

Structured quoting is now used across factories, improving efficiency.

Pre-screened experts

System shortlists factories for projects. Only those are sent quote requests, reducing double work.

Company-wide transparency

Data and knowledge vital to generating accurate quotes is now easily accessible to everyone.

Saved time

Effort spent sourcing knowledge, extracting data and creating quotes from scratch is reduced.

Nedschroef’s job is holding things together.

To do this better, Sclable needed to bring them together. By taking the time to deeply understand Nedschroef, their new quoting system is more than customized software. It is driving fundamental change in how Nedschroef employees work. Once unstructured, disconnected and opaque, there is now ONE source of information and ONE way of quoting projects.

With day-to-day quoting streamlined, Nedschroef now has the time to focus on its clients’ complex projects.

Diagram detailing: Just one of the problems we worked to resolve
Diagram detailing: The challenges
Diagram detailing: Our solution

How we made it happen


Discover Nedschroef’s challenges and opportunities, including future vision for transformation to all-digital project creation.


Reconceptualize vision as digitaliized quoting process powered by machine learning. Outline project parameters to achieve.


User journeys defined. Wireframes and code developed. Screens designed. Concepts prototyped, tested and iterated.


New quoting system built and deployed across Nedschroef’s factories worldwide. All adhere to standardized and structured processes. Technologies used include Angular, NestJS and a custom built ES/CQRS core.
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