Headlines, Updates and Exclusives from the Sclable World

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A lot is going on since Sclable was founded: Our product is improving, our team is continuously growing, we are participating in events or organizing them ourselves, we are winning more and more customers and receiving more and more fundings.

Read our news, scroll down to see what has happened so far and come back for updates.

February, 2017

Deutsche Startups Lists Sclable Among Top 5 Austrian Startups Also Successful Abroad

In its recurring news segment "5um5", Deutsche Startups highlights Sclable's strong standing in Berlin. Read more!Deutsche Startups 5um5
December, 2016

Horizont Covers Sclable’s Communications Efforts

In an end-of-2016 round-up, the communications journal Horizont covers Sclable's evolving communications program. Read more!  

ÖBB Offers Detailed Account of Info-Säule Project

Sclable has been helping the ÖBB build its Info-Post (Info Säule) prototype, which will offer travelers info on arrival times, car order, and train occupancy. A December blog from ÖBB delivers a detailed account of the project, including details on Sclable's role: "Jan Hilmar and Peter Kerschhofer of Sclable with support from Andreas Leibetseder for hardware, as well as Michael Rutz und Roland Rust for the data model."nfo-Säule at Main Train Terminal

Guten Morgen Österreich Covers the ÖBB Open Innovation Lab’s First Prototype Challenge

The ÖBB has commissioned an Information Terminal that displays train occupancy data. Sclable has been helping implement this resource, which will allow passengers to find low-occupancy train cars and open seats more quickly. Over the last few weeks the team has been running field tests on train platforms in Vienna's Main Train Station to optimize usability.guten_morgen_sterreich_beitrag2

Drop by for Sclable Christmas Office Hours!

We wanted to remind everyone this holiday season that we hold open office hours every Wednesday from 4:00 to 6:00 pm!sclable-team-lighted-lettering-1
November, 2016

Sclable and Roland Berger in Berlin

Sclable has joined forces with global consulting firm Roland Berger in Berlin. The objective: to implement a major digital transformation project. Stay tuned for more details. rb_picture1 sclable_logotype_RZ_RGB-01

ÖBB Describes Results from Rapid-Prototyping Workshop with Sclable

"Gemeinsam mit einem Team aus Programmieren, Designern und ÖBB Experten haben wir eure Ideen weiterentwickelt, um den nächsten Schritt in Richtung Problemlösung zu gehen. Entstanden sind mehrere Prototypen, die vom Ticket, über den Bahnsteig bis zur Navigation im Zug beim Sitzplatz-Finden helfen sollen."  sclable at open innovation lab "Der erste Prototyp ist nun so weit fertig, dass wir ihn im Rahmen einer kleinen Pilotstudie testen können – das heißt live, in Farbe und vor allem im Realbetrieb!"ÖBB Logo  

One team one room

Failing and learning in rapid succession generates positive momentum, dynamics. With Sclable, the momentum is sustained. OEBB rapid prototyping workshop
September, 2016

Building a culture of doing

Martin Sirlinger holds a masterclass at FH Burgenland: Sclable wants you to know how we’re connecting with the next generation of IT Professionals. FH Burgenland Students leanr how to build a culture of doing

Sclable finishes roadmap for the next 6 months

The road map that we’ve drafted for the coming year sets a direct course toward doing what we do best. europa-bei-nacht_sw_ohne-layer