Meet Tencent AI Labs @ Sclable AI Hub Knowledge Share

20. September 2019, 10:30

Meet Tencent AI Labs @ Sclable AI Hub Knowledge Share

On Sept 20th, Dr. Han Xiao, Engineering Lead Tencent AI Lab, will be a guest at the office of Business Accelerator Sclable. Dr. Han Xiao will talk about the current open source AI project at Tencent AI Lab, GNES, Generic Neural Elastic Search, a cloud-coded semantic search system based on a deep neural network. GNES provides a comprehensive index and semantic search for text-to-text, image-to-image, video-to-video and arbitrary content forms.

In the lecture Dr. Han Xiao will discuss the most important design principles behind GNES. "I would also like to share our understanding of a generic information retrieval system for the AI/ML/NLP/CV community and how it can differ from the traditional search system. I will also show how to build an elastic semantic search system with PyTorch transformers and Flair in 3 minutes or less."


10:30 - 11:30: Knowledge Share with Dr. Han Xiao - Engineering Lead at Tencent AI Lab

11:30 - 12:00: Q&A


Sclable Office
Praterstraße 1/25
1020 Wien
@weXelerate, Space 24 - 2nd floor

Bio Dr. Han Xiao:

Dr. Han Xiao is an Engineering Lead at Tencent AI Lab, a board member at LF AI Foundation, and the Chairman of the German-Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence. Han received his Ph.D. and M.Sc. in computer science from the Technical University of Munich in Germany. At Tencent AI, Han leads a team on neural information retrieval, laying down the next-gen search infrastructure for a China’s everyday app: Wechat. Han is a highly regarded AI open-source evangelist. His "Fashion-MNIST" and "bert-as-service" were listed as the most popular AI open-source projects in 2017&18 world-widely. Han also serves at the Tencent Technical Advisory Council, pushing forward the best practice and open-source culture.
Before joining Tencent, Han worked at Zalando in Berlin for 3.5y. He currently resides in Shenzhen and frequently travels between Shenzhen, Berlin, and Beijing.