NLP Meetup #4: Emotion Recognition in Textual Conversations

February 18, 2020, 6:00pm

NLP Meetup #4: Emotion Recognition in Textual Conversations

Welcome to the "NLP Meetup Vienna"!

These meetups are intended for practitioners and researchers in the field of Natural Language Processing. Where we will present and discuss NLP related topics and get updated with the recent news in the field.


18:30 - Gathering

19:00 - NLP News & Trends - Liad Magen:

A short overview of recent NLP News and Trendy Topics

19:30 - Philipp Möhl - Emotion Recognition in Textual Conversations:

Achieving emotional intelligence is an important next step in machine learning. Its potential ranges from human-like conversation understanding to improved large-scale opinion mining. While emotion recognition from facial expressions or voice modulations is fairly well understood, it is still a hard task to extract emotions from textual conversations. We present key challenges that arise due to contextual dependencies and two state-of-the-art solutions (ANA at SemEval-2019, DialogueRNN). The models are based on an ensemble of hierarchical LSTMs, BERT, and explicit speaker state modeling with GRUs. Finally, we show our own work and provide future perspectives.

20:00 - Networking + Refreshments - courtesy of Sclable Business Solutions GmbH