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Upgrade your decision-making to level-up your competitive advantage – with data.

In short: make informed, accurate decisions – faster.

The goal of Decision Intelligence is to make high-quality and informed choices that:

  • Reduce the risks and costs that arise from making the wrong decisions.
  • Are swiftly made and more cost effective due to their optimized workflow.
  • Increase transparency by documenting decision-making processes.

Depending on your business’ needs, Decision Intelligence can:

Users receive the most relevant information at the right moments.

Recommended actions are suggested to users.

Correct decisions are made and carried out automatically. Especially those that crop up frequently in daily business.

Gain time and security with Decision Intelligence by sclable.

Businesses that swiftly make informed, accurate decisions based on data are more successful. sclable’s Decision Intelligence process begins with a workshop where our experts and you determine all the decisions you make. We then:

  1. Identify relevant decisions
    Using specially defined criteria, we target, prioritize and choose data-based decisions with the best potential of improving your business.

  2. Collect data for selected decisions
    We determine the data necessary for each decision, and analyze its availability and quality. We then set up processes for data collection and processing.

  3. Support, improve and/or automate decision-making
    We develop the appropriate AI solution and execute with an appealing user interface that is entirely new or seamlessly integrates into your existing systems.

  4. Document, measure and validate
    We analyze the quality and success of your decision-making to further optimize outcomes.

When it comes to your business’ decision-making processes, you only have one decision:
Do you want to leverage the data that already exists in your business with Decision Intelligence?

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