Looking for the right tools for your digital business strategy? Look no further. The Sclable team has the knowhow and drive to get you going.

What we believe in


It goes without saying, we are passionate about what we do. We still list passion as a core value because this is what makes us extend the limits.



We promote openness because we like to put our cards on the table. Visibility and accessibility of information allow processes to be clear, lean and readily understood.



Nothing new comes from sameness. We use the diversity in our team as a means to achieve unity. Making unity with diversity is part of how we reach our goal.


People at Sclable

Jan Hilmar, Software Engineer
I first came into contact with Sclable working for a client in search of an ERP solution. Now working behind the scenes, I continue to be impressed by the team spirit and dedication of everyone here - the place is buzzing with ideas waiting to be turned into great software!
Petra Breitfuss, Communications
When I arrive to work I find different kinds of people extremely focused on a common goal. We pull together as a strong team and help to enable things – as equals. Working in this motivating spirit and putting our passion for what we do into words feels great.
Hakan Özkan, Software Engineer
We at Sclable come from different cultures with different backgrounds but there are things which make us one big family: It's about sharing the common passion to come up with innovative solutions that enable people to be more effective.
Todd Cesaratto, Content & Communication Manager
Todd Cesaratto, Content & Communication Manager
Our lives consist of the stories we and others tell about them. We’ll never be the story’s hero if the world tells a tale different than our own. The same applies for people and organizations. My work at Sclable is to help business partners recognize what a brilliant, creative, fun company we are, so they will want to share our story with others.
Martin Sirlinger, COO & Co-Founder
My goal was always to build a company that extends limits. After years in the startup scene, I finally found experts, who have the right mind to reach this goal. I am happy to know that this is the team I want to work with - today, tomorrow, in the next years! Come join us if you are also someone that likes to extend the limits!
Michael Rutz, Software Engineer, Core Architect
As a pilot, every project is like a flight. Once in the air, you’ll come back to the ground sooner or later. How you touch down depends on preparation, experience and yes, improvisation. But after every landing I'm eager for the next flight.
Markus Nenning, CBDO & Co-Founder
Markus Nenning, CBDO & Co-Founder
It is so good to see a team of highly passionate and skilled experts in different fields finding solutions together by thinking outside the box. This is how new paths are opened - and even the tiniest achievement pushes the motivation of the entire team.
Stefan Stifter, Software Engineer, Business Analyst
One of the things I like most about working at Sclable is the opportunity to be creative and find solutions for different kinds of problems together. Just like listening to a good song, it’s all about following ideas and caring about the stuff between the lines…
Andreas Leibetseder, IT Infrastructure Architect
Andreas Leibetseder, IT Infrastructure Architect
Life at Sclable can be summarized plain and simple: Sclable Fun equals Cutting Edge Technology times Passion to the power of Agile Multinational Team.
Peter Kerschhofer, CEO & Co-Founder
I believe in a world that changes every day – our environment, the needs we have and the technology we are using. This is why at Sclable we rethink how technology is used, to go beyond the possibilities of existing technology.
Roland Rust, CVO & Co-Founder
First and foremost I see Sclable as a think tank. Like every proper research our work influences future life on earth. My daily inspiration is our vision of what this life should look like.
Monika Sprengseis-Kogler, Software Engineer, Business Analyst
People who fulfil their tasks and more with passion – that is what I love about working at Sclable. Everyone puts in great ideas and suggestions for improvement. For me there is nothing more motivating than a team with a common goal to which we all contribute.
Theres-Sophie Scheucher, UX/ Frontend Developer
Theres-Sophie Scheucher, UX/ Frontend Developer
When I entered the Sclable work space for the first time, the motivation and passion of the team was contagious. Every day we turn great ideas into great projects. We’re always moving forward and keeping our skills sharp. It’s the ideal place to learn and improve.
Christian Graf, Software Engineer, MacGyver
The coolest thing about working at Sclable is how we solve problems together as a team. Like this, we merge our know-how and that makes me learn new things every day.