Frontend UI Developer

Got What it Takes to Play on a First-String Frontend Development Team? Apply Now!

In Search of a Top-Grade Frontend UI Developer

We are looking for a Frontend UI Developer who believes that business software should be useful, usable, and provide joy of use. The person we seek would take ownership of the UX/UI Frontend side of digital business projects and products. If you have your soft spot on the design side of frontends and view your technical skills as the means to create works of art, then apply at Sclable now.


The Frontend UI Developer position carries the following responsibilities:

  • Drive rapid frontend prototyping and development in close collaboration with UX/UI design
  • Develop compelling component-based user interfaces
  • Create and develop new implementation concepts for the user frontend of Sclable business applications and rework existing ones to improve usability
  • Assist in design, execution, and analysis of rapid testing
  • Take ownership of on-time delivery of quality UI

We Require

  • Eye for design and the ability to empathize with and understand the needs of our customers
  • Relevant work experience (minimum 3 years) as Frontend Developer (preferably in a design-driven environment)
  • Working knowledge of responsive design and cross-browser/cross-platform design issues
  • Deep knowledge of HTML5, CSS3/Sass/LESS, and JavaScript (ES2015 or newer)
  • Experience with one or more JS libraries and frameworks like React, AngularJS, Vue.js
  • Deeply proficient with frontend frameworks like Foundation or Bootstrap
  • Familiar with design software (Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, etc.)
  • Node.js, npm/Yarn, webpack crossed your way
  • Component-based thinking and passionate about writing clean reusable code
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Plus #1: Understanding of user-centered design process, ability to analyze UX architectures and design patterns
  • Plus #2: Understanding of RESTful APIs (

We Offer

  • The chance to work on original, exciting projects that reshape customer businesses and enrich your skills as a developer
  • The opportunity to work as an expert among experts in an agile environment
  • Open communication channels and hence the chance to realize your personal vision in new and ongoing projects
  • The possibility of high-level responsibility after a brief initial training period
  • A team culture for people with different backgrounds and lifestyles

About Sclable

Founded in 2012, Sclable embodies the best aspects of the European startup scene. The company has been writing the playbook for smarter, faster, more cost-efficient business-application development ever since. The growing Sclable portfolio includes projects in diverse industries in many different business units within those industries. Our team is continually building and optimizing new business models, products, and programs within the context of customers’ existing digital strategies. Sclable treats its employees and customers as partners and helps empower them to write their own chapters in the expanding Sclable playbook.

Sclable is located in Vienna, a city of history and culture. Yet “new” describes the Austrian capital in many ways as well. Excellent cost of living, infrastructure, and social services have made Vienna the number one European city in quality-of-life rankings the last seven years. Recently, the city’s innovation-friendly atmosphere has allowed the rapid evolution of a booming tech scene.

By law we have to add the following information: The minimum base salary for this position in accordance with the applicable collective bargaining agreement (for employees of companies in the service sector of automatic data processing and IT) is € 3.300- monthly gross. The actual salary depends on your qualifications and experience!

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