To all Content Creators, Copywriters, Storytellers…

You love to tell stories? With any means or medium? You are an observer, explorer, a lifelong learner? The Sclable story screams to be written! Apply now!

Business Application Development
that flies

Enterprise application architectures are undergoing massive changes nowadays, driven by emerging technologies such as Mobile, Cloud, IoT or Big Data. The way applications are developed upon these architectures is different to how it ever was before. In every thinkable way. Developing complex systems in an extremely short amount of time and transforming those systems during runtime will be key in the nearest future.

At Sclable we provide a platform for model driven, generative business application development. We are building up an ecosystem of services enabling our customers to invent, draft and develop applications at the speed of light. We help to create new business models or legacy systems replacements. We support user-centric application development. We focus on usability, interface compatibility, security, extensibility, transparency and analyzability.


  • You will create meaningful content that helps various target audiences to understand our technology stack and our method.
  • You show our sales team how to tell our story, and support them with white papers, success stories, presentations, interviews, blog posts and more.
  • You are working continuously to make our terrific but complex product easy to understand.
  • You will research various topics around agility, pioneering spirit, innovation, working culture etc. independently.
  • You will write articles and texts for our website and external publications.
  • You will manage the distribution of the content to our customers via our website, social media and newsletter.
  • You will create or research compelling pictures, videos, infographics that underline the story you want to tell.
  • You will be creating a building set of content snippets and components and prepare numerous drafts to allow you to get out a new text almost immediately.

In a nutshell: You develop the Sclable story with passion for the right expression. And you love to spread the word about it.


  • Excellent written English (preferably native)
  • A portfolio of your work. Send links to the 3 examples you’re most proud of.
  • Minimum 3 years of working experience in the field of journalism and/or professional blogging for consumer or business publications.
  • Ability to work independently and during travelling, communicating across multiple teams, time zones and cultures.
  • Exceptional communication skills suitable for the stage.
  • You are detail-oriented, resourceful and self-motivated. You get stuff done!
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and simple web-based CMS systems like WordPress.
  • Experience in SEO, video and graphic design as a plus.


  • Finding radically new approaches and questioning existing paradigms with us.
  • Working as an expert among experts in an agile environment.
  • Having influence on what we build because of our open communication culture.
  • Soon taking on a high level of responsibility within a dynamic team.
  • Experiencing significant equity among team members with different backgrounds and lifestyles.

As Content Createor / Copywriter at Sclable you will be operating from our office in Vienna and Berlin.

We are ready to offer you a performance related salary. By law we have to add the following information: The minimum base salary for this position in accordance with the applicable collective bargaining agreement (for employees of companies in the service sector of automatic data processing and IT) is € 2.950,- monthly gross. The actual salary depends on your qualifications and experience!

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