In the press: Now-To-Market Approach for new Business Models. Article in CIO Guide Spring 2017


By Peter Kerschhofer,

Martin Sirlinger has been invited by CIO Guide to share his experience in Rapid Prototyping of new Business Models for the shortest path to market.

Provide a functional Prototype for a new Business Model within days.

Developing, testing and validating within days is doable. Sclable has proven it by bringing together its Rapid Prototyping Method with the unique and innovative Business Application Development Platform. Martin explains that testing results with real users and real data within days brings enormous advantages. Simply to understand, learn and fail fast and smooth coordination – and above all the establishing of a „Culture of Doing“. Now-to-market-thinking is the new paradigm.

The Sclable Platform supports as tool for extremely intuitive modelling of Business Applications for web and mobile.

Martin scopes Sclable’s projects form small-scale B2B customer onboarding with interfacing to SAP to complex solutions for new performance based service-models. Provided for a variety of customers and industries such as Hoerbiger, Brenntag, Heinzel or OeBB.