By Todd Cesaratto,

The Equation for Industrial IoT: Smart Components + Sclable = Smart Business



Sclable’s equation for building Industrial IoT into innovative business models reads: Smart Components + Sclable = Smart Business. At Forum IoT 2016, Martin Sirlinger will pitch new – insights that have consequences for industrial IoT. For example: IoT does not mean the same thing for everyone. For example, consumer IoT largely focuses on providing remote controls for household objects beyond the TV – communication is P2M. Opposed to this, Industrial IoT incorporates M2M communication and smart components embedded into complex processes, which together can improve efficiency and save resources across multiple divisions within an organization. Within Industrial IoT Sclable sees vast potential to explore the digital frontier between sensor technology and user dashboards. By partnering with Sclable, industries can build digital business models with processes that connect smart components and control centers (dashboards) and thereby optimize production and operations.




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