By Peter Kerschhofer,

Peter Kerschhofer, Sclable CEO

Mapping a Self-understanding

The difference between a tech start-up and an established tech company is a well-defined, executable Roadmap. In our start-up days, while we were still defining who we were as Sclable, we followed many paths. On the one hand traveling many roads meant opening up new, often invaluable paths to creativity. On the other, it could lead to blurry focus: We spent time on things that did not always contribute to building the culture we wanted to build. After four years, a successful capital campaign, and the assembly of a respectable customer list, we know who we are and where we’re going. We know what we can do, and, just as importantly, what we can’t. The road map that we’ve drafted for the coming year  sets a direct course toward doing what we do best.

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What our customers, employees, and partners should know

We have plotted our roadmap parallel to the method we have perfected over the last four years. All of the strengths and advantages of our approach provide the routes for all our teams:

  • The frontend team will work on expanding our portfolio for UI/UX and generic applications such as a drag-and-drop Graphical User Interface (GUI) builder, a pattern lab, and a full page management,
  • The mobile team will continue to improve our existing mobile apps, create new ones, and optimize accessibility and connectivity.
  • The productivity team has a full agenda: the domain designer, Bob (our builder/ installer), and Alice (our data repository) will be positioned to deliver more productive, more intuitive, more elegant domain models and applications than ever before.
  • The market place team will go live with the Sclable Marketplace, featuring a whole product line of packages. Our customers will now be able to enjoy one-stop shopping for digital business applications.
  • And finally we’ll be taking our workshops on a trailblazing roadtrip, where customers will build prototypes that they can use within a matter of days. We will be adding a series of follow-up workshops as a form of continuing education so that customers can build features in support of their business models and applications — like a handbook generator workshop, among others.  



Our current and future customers, employees, and partners will benefit from the Roadmap for a number of reasons. Customers will enjoy a more robust resource for digital business products and domain models. This means that what they already have will get better. In addition they will be able to add new tools to their digital tool box. As we know, when companies acquire speed, efficiency, and flexibility, culture changes for the better. We are also dedicated to giving our employees the types of challenges that suit their skillsets and motivate them. For each individual route, we had this internal goal in mind. As for our partners — whether they are consultants who refer us for given projects or members of our advisory board — we have planned routes that expand on their valuable feedback and which will provide material to keep the conversation going.