By Todd Cesaratto,

Sclable COO and Co-Founder Martin Sirlinger Welcomes the Incoming Class of Fachhochschule Burgenland


On 2 September 2016 Sclable COO and Cofounder Martin Sirlinger will welcome the incoming class of FH Burgenland.

Martin Sirlinger, COO & Co-Founder

Martin Sirlinger, COO & Co-Founder


His talk, titled »A Culture of Doing« focuses on building a successful business and how Sclable has developed a successful approach that uses speed to improve culture — internally and for clients.

“These students are already making important contributions to the fields of information technology and information management. Now through their studies at FH Burgenland, the impact they have at the workplace will grow even more,” said Sirlinger, “not only is it flattering to be invited to talk to and with them, but speaking in an educational venue also aligns perfectly with one of Sclable’s core principles: Build your Tomorrow. Higher education is the ultimate step in the educational process — a process which is all about building our shared future through the next generation.”

Martin’s address will focus specifically on how studying Information Technology and Information Management can lead to a fulfilling career and to the meaningful use of information and technology for shaping social and cultural aspects of our world.


Stay tuned for highlights from the speech.