By Roland Rust,


Sclable’s New smartphone app extends possibilities

With Sclable’s newest smartphone app release for the iOS and Android platforms, you can now run native apps connected to your Sclable business application on any iPhone, iPad or Android device. Our developers built the app to have the smallest possible footprint, which provides high energy efficiency and reduces to a minimum the data synchronized between the app and Sclable installation.

New features to enhance projects and processes

  • Mobile Features: Integrate mobile device features such as geo-location, photo-camera, camera as code scanner, document upload and more.
  • Multiple Server Endpoints: Switch REST endpoints on the mobile app to work with different Sclable installations from one app.
  • Offline tasks: Offline-capable data models permit collecting and processing of data while mobile device has no connectivity.
  • Incremental data sync: The Sclable mobile app synchronizes mobile offline data when connectivity is restored, while server changes sync with the mobile device.
  • Full remote control: The server has remote control over the mobile app’s behaviour, available tasks, and features. Additional productivity tasks can be deployed to the mobile app without the need of an app update.

Why It Matters

The smartphone app represents the latest advance in Sclable’s game plan for making digital transformation intuitive, quick – and even fun – for today’s forward-thinking businesses. The app expands the reach of Sclable’s unique model-driven technology stack and rapid-prototyping approach. Not only can you use the stack to build your digital business model into and around existing enterprise IT architecture, but you can also use it to publish mobile apps without coding or programming. Sclable gives you yet another tool for building your tomorrow.