Sclable’s New Berlin Offices open more possibilities

Like Vienna, Berlin is one of the best cities in the world for innovation. (The Melbourne innovation agency 2thinknow ranks them #3 and #14 globally.) Young, growing start-ups gravitate to Berlin for the following reasons. Digital natives from all over the world have created a collaborative atmosphere in the city that keeps attracting more techies. Start-ups with a solid concept have no trouble finding capital. Large traditional companies are already here. Many have opened corporate incubators, accelerators, and innovation labs. Some just send their people to Berlin for inspiration.


Acquired Advantages

A solid enterprise flourishes through targeted expansion rather than blindly casting a wide net. The benefits of Berlin, which I’ve just listed, align with our own specific motivations:


  • We are always hungry for new talent. To make good hires, we are constantly looking for a good fit before the need arises, rather than after. Berlin is full of talent.
  • To finance our growth, we are kicking off a new capital campaign. Being in Berlin drastically improves the odds of meeting our financial projections.
  • Finally, we want more exposure to large traditional companies so that together we can build a better digital tomorrow. In Berlin we have access to potential clients and partners in finance, insurance, and other traditional sectors who want new business models, new products, and/ or new, comprehensive digitalization programs.


The air in Berlin is electric. You can feel a need for speed – and speed is Sclable’s specialty. Players in the tech field want the next great thing and they want it fast, but not at the cost of quality. Because we share this desire, Sclable moved into the Spielfeld Digital Hub, which is the product of a collaboration between Roland Berger and VISA Europe. We know that quality and speed can support each other rather than undermine each other, as so often happens in start-up ventures. The quality-at-speed dynamic has attracted corporations, start-ups and consulting experts from across the globe and from many diverse industries to Berlin and to Spielfield.

Spielfeld Digital Hub

One of Sclable’s new sites at the Spielfeld Digital Hub in Berlin

why it Matters

By maintaining a presence in German-speaking Europe’s two world cities Sclable is able to serve a much broader international audience than it could if it were only in Vienna or Berlin. The double footing puts us face-to-face with many people we would have otherwise only met virtually. Even in a digital world, there is nothing more effective than doing business face-to-face. Today we are able to reach out to all of German-speaking Europe. Tomorrow, we’ll reach Stockholm, or maybe London – or maybe a new tech hub will emerge. We’ll know sooner than later!