By Todd Cesaratto,

Martin Sirlinger to Give Power Pitch at Industry Inside Summit 2016


The Industry Inside Summit is an Austrian professional conference dedicated to sharing expertise related to digitalization, the Smart Factory, data exchange, cloud, and much more. This year the event is bringing together international experts to discuss how these topics are connected to Industry 4.0 und Smart Industry. One of those experts is Sclable’s own Martin Sirlinger, who will give a pitch titled: “FAST-FORWARD TO A CULTURE OF DOING.”

Picture of Martin Sirlinger

Martin Sirlinger, Sclable COO + Co-Founder


Check out the program for Martin’s abstract (also below) and other interesting pitches and keynotes. Check back for a post-Summit download featuring pictures and highlights!

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Many large corporations today are using the tools of Industry 3.0 to compete on the playing fields of Industry 4.0. They won’t survive, much less thrive, without a game-changer. Question: What makes a great idea a game-changer? Answer: Speed. Take the U.S. manufacturing sector, where conventional companies often face difficulties shifting from traditional sales models to new smart formats. Partners bring ideas for digital business models and products, we prototype them in a matter of days, and together we take it to market in less than six months. The process restores companies drive to compete on ever-evolving domestic and international markets, and a culture of doing emerges where employees work smarter, faster, and freer.