It started as usual…

The idea behind Sclable was to make our lives as software developers easier. We probably have that in common with most startups that offer products and services around software development. However, our area of expertise is hardly ever found in startups: We are focusing on solving complex topics in the the area of enterprise application development.

What is Sclable?

Sclable supports the development of complex business applications through a high degree of automatisation. Simply put you could say that Sclable is a machine that knows to program.

But Sclable is much more. With Sclable it is possible to build completely individual application architectures. Sclable is infinitely extendable. And Sclable is an ecosystem of services, that connects Sclable developers and makes them even more efficienct.

… what again is Sclable?

Our biggest challenge at the moment is to communicate a highly complex product in a simple way. We are dreaming of the “one sentence” that gets to the heart of Sclable. It seems like that does not exist. Therefore we have to develop a seperate communication strategy for each target group.

Paradoxically it is Sclable’s versatility, that is getting in our way: As it is possible to develop any kind of business data management system with Sclable, there always remains one question:

What is it, that Sclable is especially suited for?

On one side, we can identify a tendency towards certain industries: First of all there is FinTech where Sclable can be seen in risk management, process automation and private banking applications. This is mostly due to the fact that FinTech is our background and Sclable results from our experience in developing risk management solutions for major banks. Besides, our recent customer success stories have shown particular use of Sclable for applications in the food and publishing industry (manufacturing processes, supply chain management, ERP, CRM and more).

On the other side, we can look at the deployment scenario. Sclable is perfectly suited for implementing prototypes very fast. That allows for evaluation of solutions at all technical levels. The result is not a throw-away prototype, but the basis of a final solution, no matter what parts of the Sclable stack are finally being used in the production system.

One of the reasons, why Sclable is not easy to explain, is for certain due to the fact, that Sclable was originally not created as a standalone product. During our first times as a company, we ourselves were using Sclable to develop business applications for our customers. The advantage of this “service phase” is of course that we could finance ourselves.
Starting to focus at the Sclable Platform only as a product, was not only linked to investments, but changed the company more than we initially imagined.

Continuing to grow

The last two months in our company history were a major step forward towards this direction. As by now, our ecosystem of services, knowledge transfer and winning of partners is equally important to Sclable as the product, the Sclable Platform, itself.

With the Sclable Developer Hub and the Sclable Academy, we are building up a training program. And there is the Sclable Partner Program. Probably the most important element (coming in Q1 2016) is the Sclable Marketplace: our app store for business application functionality!

The most important aspect of Sclable’s growth is our team. We are constantly searching for talented people. At Sclable, basically everybody is responsible for his/her area. We are always interested in meeting people, no matter if there is a job opening at the moment or not. Contact us, if you are searching for new challenges!

This article was first published in German on on 14th December 2015.