In the press: Is agile Business Application Development possible? Article in Netzwoche 15


By Roland Rust,

This is a summary of an article by Roland Rust that first appeard in the Swiss IT print magazine Netzwoche (No 15) on 7th October 2015.

Can you use established OO/RDBMS technologies for agile business application development?

The belief that agile process models could fulfill the demand for agility in enterprise software projects did not come true for many companies. The reasons are not only inadequate implementation of the method or incomplete company culture. Often the cause lays in the choice of means: Afraid to become too heterogenous technologically, the decision for a software stack is already made beforehand. Without considering the particularities of the application.

The usual – but please agile!

Modern lightweight frameworks, based on Javascript and NoSQL, are the latest trend. However, they are quickly replaced by newer frameworks. Of the currently existing 225 NoSQL databank system, 30% are not developed any further.

To fulfill these conflicting requirements, companies are creating so called innovation labs, where developers use the technologies of their choice. And agility starts to look completely different immediately: Development teams often decide for various technologies, depending on the phase of the project. That way, fully functional prototypes, for example, are being developed within very few days.


Compared to the development of a prototype, implementation and maintenance have different demands on agility and reliability. Now it is important to come back to technologies and concepts, that show an older development history.

Solid architecture, flexible software stack

Successful, modern business applications, that also come to the market in a timely manner, are rare.The trick is to create an environment for software development, that makes both things possible: free development of modern applications, using the entire range of state-of-the-art technology on one hand, and secure and reliable application architecture for the implementation on the other side.

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