In the press: Interview with Sclable Co-Founders Peter and Martin in Fachheft 37


By Petra Breitfuss,

The interview WITH Sclable was first published in October 2015 IN Fachheft 37

Fachheft is a monthly published Austrian print magazine, that covers trends and B2B topics around the Viennese stock market.

In this interview with two of the four Sclable Co-Founders, Peter Kerschhofer and Martin Sirlinger talk with Christian Drastil about Sclable’s success stories, scalability, a possible IPO and why winning three customers weights more than winning a financing.

Christian Drastil himself is expert on the Viennese stock market and chief editor of Fachheft.

What Sclable is all about

Peter lines out Sclable’s approach of getting fast results and arriving to the customer quickly. Also he talks about how Sclable makes agile development possible and therefore saves time and resources. And he summarizes what in the end Sclable is all about: Use Sclable wherever data is managed through processe involving people.

What’s behind Sclable’s growth

Martin explains the foundation of Sclable’s growth: the Sclable Ecosystem, consisting of knowledge transfer through our developer portal and the Sclable Academy on one side, and the winning of partners and the Sclable marketplace on the other side. The Sclable marketplace is the highlight of Sclable’s scaling where developers can purchase and/or contribute functional packages to extend the Sclable application.


 Download Fachheft 37 with full interview on page 7 in German