Vienna Business Week, 3rd October 2015

Vienna Business Week 2015


Vienna Business Week

Sclable Office

Spengergasse 37-39, 3rd floor, 1050 Vienna

09:30 – 11:30

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In agile business application development projects today we see two drivers for the transformation of teams: One is the demand for a diversified set of skills, the other is the demand for stronger integration of users.

Together we will develop the questions how agile teams for enterprise application projects look like in the future and how can demand of more diverse skills can be satisfied with ever shrinking budgets.

The event is directed to all people moving in the exciting field between agility and technology and that want to explore together how we envision the future of agile teams over breakfast.


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Sclable at tools conference 2015

Roland Rust, Sclable CVO & Co-Founder


Martin Sirlinger, COO & Co-Founder