Sclable aligns with experienced IT Investor and Business Developer

Sclable meets the challenge of our ever-changing world with an intuitive platform for agile business application development. Companies need to adapt faster to internal and external changes. Applications supporting the company’s processes need to be just as fast and flexible.

The Sclable Platform allows to develop, test and use business applications simultaneously – during ongoing operations. Sclable offers an armada of productivity tools to help get a prototype ready under one hour and a first release out in a day. Changes can be applied in hours, not months. Compared with conventional technologies, Sclable provides a saving potential of up to 70% in financial and time resources.

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Thomas Streimelweger

Speed and flexibility are the major success factors in today’s business world. Just like the Sclable Platform facilitates agile developing, Sclable as a company subscribes to the principles of agility. With Thomas Streimelweger, Sclable found a partner whose personal approach and job history is based on the same maxim.

In this current phase of business expansion, many decisions and investments need to be made. This calls not only for financial resources, but also for the experience and the network of a business expert like Thomas Streimelweger. He built up the S&T AG from an idea to a 3000-employee company with which he went public.

Not only will this top manager with excellent connections in the American and Eastern-European market contribute his business expertise, but he will also fully support Sclable’s global expansion.

Peter Kerschhofer (CEO Sclable) is happy. “In Thomas, we found somebody that will not only contribute his investment and expertise, but also fits our team perfectly on a personal level.”

For his part, Thomas Streimelweger says, “Sclable is on top of all these proprietary, slow and inflexible systems and enables companies to break open old structures without large investments. It is a typical development platform and will very soon create a big community and spread. I believe in the disruptive power of the Sclable Platform. It reflects my philosophy of ’getting things done’ to the maximum extent.”

Let’s talk success to date

Sclable has what it takes to be internationally successful. The innovative and high-quality technology meets the needs of modern companies. Founders Peter Kerschhofer, Markus Nenning, Roland Rust, Martin Sirlinger have combined 37 years of entrepreneurship and hands-on experience in founding and operating businesses. Backed by a culturally diverse and growing team of 9 passionate experts, they are building upon the success of the last two-and-a-half years.

Number of employees

  • Increased from 0 to 13


  • Projects in the entire DACH region (Austria, Germany, Switzerland)
  • Recent customer success stories have shown particular use of Sclable for FinTech Applications (Risk Management, Process Automation, Private Banking) as well as Applications in the Food and Publishing Industries (Manufacturing Processes, Supply Chain Management, ERP, CRM and more). (Read more:
  • Current clients include Bank Austria, LexisNexis, Nestlé, Wiberg, Kochabo, Heinzel, Leica Shop


  • After a research project in evolutionary domain models in 2014, a second research project on data visualization is supported by the FFG, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency in 2015.


  • In December 2014, mentions Sclable as a “Start-Up to Watch”.

Accelerator Programs

  • Currently participating in the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Accelerator Program
  • Chosen by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (“Go International Initiative”) as one of 16 Austrian startup companies that will participate in the accelerator program “Go Silicon Valley” and spend 3 months in the USA at one of the partner business accelerators of the Austrian Trade Commission.

Where is the journey heading?

Sclable is providing a fully functional platform for agile development of business applications.

  • The focus is in the evolution of the product and in constantly extending the scope of functions and productivity tools. The hotlist of upcoming features is in The launch of an app store for specific business functionality and even entire business applications is scheduled for the end of 2015.
  • The Sclable Academy is the place where the most experienced Sclable developers share their knowledge. A fully featured development environment is the knowledge hub for developers and includes documentation, white papers, videos, etc.
  • The partner network of experts and integrators that use Sclable to build individual business applications for their customers will be extended.
    The data AG invests a sum in the high-six-digit range in Sclable. With this investment, the path that Sclable started can be continued and growth on international markets can be guaranteed.

Effect on company management

In terms of operations, the company will be managed as before. It stays in the hands of the founders Peter Kerschhofer (CEO), Markus Nenning (CBDO), Roland Rust (CVO) und Martin Sirlinger (COO). Thomas Streimelweger will participate as an active advisor and will contribute his extensive knowledge.

Let’s do this!

The investment of the data AG in Sclable is a great feedback and testament of the work carried out so far and shows its trust in the future of the company. We could not have done this alone. This is why now is the time to thank the Sclable team for all the excellent work!
Thomas’ business experience and access to the investor network assures that the path that Sclable started will continue and international growth will be guaranteed. We are happy to be accompanied in it by an experienced expert, that sees Sclable not only as an investment, but believes in our vision and the people behind it.