Sclable Inside, 8th July 2015

Sclable Office

Spengergasse 37-39, 3rd floor, 1050 Vienna

16:00 – 18:00

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Business Application Development. ACcelerated.

Companies need to adapt ever faster to all kinds of changes. Applications supporting company’s processes need to be just as fast and flexible. Sclable is meeting this challenge with an intuitive tool for agile Business Application Development. The exact mapping of business processes in software and the creation of an enterprise-grade Business Application in real-time is revolutionary.

The Sclable Platform allows you to simultaneously develop, test and use your application – during continuous operation. Changes can be applied fast any time and are effective immediately. Business departments and IT can act independently and fast. The load on staffing and financial resources is reduced.

The Sclable Inside adresses all employees and developers that are involved in Business Application Development. We will demonstrate live how to build a Helpdesk Application from scratch in only 5 minutes and show the wide use of Sclable for FinTech Applications (Risk Management, Process Automation, Private Banking) as well as Applications in the Food and Publishing Industry (Manufacturing Processes, Supply Chain Management, ERP, CRM etc) and others.

Participation is free but places are limited!

Experience the future of

Business Application Development. Now.

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Peter Kerschhofer, CEO & Co-Founder

Peter Kerschhofer, CEO & Co-Founder

Markus Nenning, CBDO & Co-Founder

Markus Nenning, CBDO & Co-Founder