The world we live in is constantly in motion. Global and city changes influence our daily life. Smart Cities need to adapt to these changes. Fast and in real time.

They want to enhance performance and wellbeing. And they want to engage more effectively and actively with their citizens.

With the Sclable Business Application Development Platform Smart Cities have the digital technology to keep the necessary advantage and stay ahead of changing conditions.

(Too much) Resource-consumption – Smart Cities vs. Smarter Cities

Today, the importance of big cities as hubs of scientific, technological, cultural and social innovation is as big as never before.

As cities continue to grow due to increasing population and dynamic migration, they will continuously face the challenge of social innovation in various fields: from healthcare to mobility and infrastructure, from energy and environment to ICT.

Smart Cities need to embrace the challenges of rapid change as opportunities of progress and dynamic growth – unthinkable without intelligent and systematic use of cutting-edge digital technology.

To position themselves as a venue of innovation and new solutions, the Smart Cities’ institutions need to have an Application Development Platform at their hands that exactly maps their world in software. And – maybe even more importantly – that is prepared to follow process changes. Immediately. In the moment they take effect.

In an ever faster turning world, Smart Cities have to recurrently handle changes in their processes, as they want to adapt to the needs and requirements of their citizens. Most conventional IT systems are having a hard time adapting to that.

A living Application adapting to changing processes

At Sclable we developed an Engine that knows to program. It helps to streamline processes of any organization and allows to map them exactly in a domain model. It can connect domains and brings them to life immediately as enterprise-grade, ready-to-go business application.

The Sclable Business Application Development Platform provides an environment for designing, developing and running business applications.

The Platform consists of software components and development tools with a clear focus on solving problems occurring during the development and the maintenance of business applications.

As one of the main benefits, Sclable provides a valid domain model along with a ubiquitous language for the business domain the application is build for.

Sclable comes with a generic web application which helps you developing web-based business applications very quickly. About 90% functionality a classic business application needs is provided. If your main concern is speed and an accelerated time-to-market for you application you are best off with using what Sclable has on board.

Just like generic functionality, a Sclable business application is provided as a package.

Smart Cities. The Sclable Architecture. Core Engine and Productivity Layer.

The Sclable Architecture. Core Engine and Productivity Layer.

Data, Processes, People

The Sclable Business Application Development Platform is at your hands wherever data is managed by processes involving people: A digital technology with an extensive field of action in all areas that are of interest to Smart Cities, for example regarding resource preservation, innovation and new technologies, or improvement of the quality of living.

Sclable is perfect for all types of e-government solutions. From G2C, to backend processes in G2E and G2B applications. In addition, Sclable’s APIs provide a technical foundation for any G2G project.

It also provides flexibility in adapting to changing process requirements. Whenever you need to change your process, your application follows. In real time, with changes effective immediately and almost no programming work.

In a nutshell: Flexible processes – Smarter Cities

The Sclable Business Application Development Platform makes Smart Cities even more flexible and efficient. It maps the exact processes in software and allows flexibility through immediately effective, fast changes.