In the press: Sclable in Die Presse am Sonntag


By Petra Breitfuss,

Article: Effizienter arbeiten: Die Erben des Email

The article “Effizienter arbeiten: Die Erben des Email” first appeared in the Austrian print journal die Presse am Sonntag on January 4th, 2015. There is also an online version available.

Read the full article in German to find out how Austrian Startups like Sclable, Usersnap and Crate support and facitlitate co-working for heterogeneous teams and make complex technical procedures understand- and usable for everybody.

Sclable developed a Core Engine, that knows to program. The most important part of the Sclable Core Engine is a software generator for agile development of business applications. Based on the individual processes of the company, it generates a living application that can be changed fast any time, in real time.

With the Sclable Business Application Development Platform, you can develop your specific application autonomously and apply changes any time. Business departments and IT can act independently and fast, reducing impact to resources (time, finances and personnel).