At Sclable we make a great effort regarding content creation. To challenge ourselves we often look at what we do with the eyes of somebody that has never heard of Sclable before or visited our homepage.To help our first time visitors to get the big picture, we decided to support the written content with videos that sum up all the Sclable essentials. We want to make life easier for our users, which, after all, is a crucial element of our vision.

3 things you need to know to start sclabling

To sclable your world you need to know only three things. Each of them is the bases of a video.


VIdeo 1: Sclable Business Domain Modelling.


The foundation of your Sclable Application is your business. Based on your individual Domain Model that represents your business knowledge, the Sclable Core Engine generates a living application that can be changed fast any time – in real time.

The video demonstrates on the bases of a concrete example how you use Sclable to build your specific Business Application.


VIdeo 2: Sclable Business Applications.


Sclable is built by developers. For developers.

Every aspect of a Sclable application can be changed, replaced or extended. And it is suitable for almost every data processing functionality from commandline tools and machine to machine interfaces to Web- or native applications. If you want a web-based business application centered around human interaction, Sclable gives you a 90% head start.

The video shows you how to assemble your own functionality into packages and make use of packages other Sclablers have published on the Sclable Cloud.


Video 3: Sclable Business Application Integration.


Sclable comes with a generic web application which helps you developing web-based business applications very quickly. About 90% functionality a classic business application needs is provided. If your main concern is speed and an accelerated time-to-market for you application you are best off with using what Sclable has on board.

Just like generic functionality, a Sclable business application is provided as a package. The video shows you how to integrate your application package with the Sclable ecosystem by registering your development repository with the Sclable factory.

The final result

We were working on the visualization of these three aspects together with the support of visual graphics experts from im Kollektiv and video production experts from Atzgerei Productions. See the final result here.