By Petra Breitfuss,

We see the new year as a chance to set new goals and define our milestones for the upcoming months.

Based on the progress we made in the two years since our foundation in the end of  2012, we have good reasons to stay ambitious:



Doubled each year

Number of employees

Risen from 4 to 12


By now, our customers are found in almost all sectors of industries

Sclable is used by SMEs as well as big enterprises or startups

More and more of our customers use Sclable to build their own business application. This means we do not provide Sclable anymore only as a service but as a platform.


We concluded a research project on “Domain Model Evolution”, kindly supported by the FFG, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency

Media mentioned us twice as a startup to watch


In fall 2014 we launched our new homepage with a new CI matching better our lean and agile way.


Thank you!

Great, talented people accompanied us on our exciting way in these last two years. Now it is time to give something back and be grateful: Special thanks to partners, clients and media for the inspiring, motivating and sometimes critical support we received from you. We couldn’t have done it without you! And a big thank, of course, goes to the hard working Sclable team!

2015 will be a year in which we are going to extend the limits even further.

Let’s look at what we plan to do and what we want to accomplish in 2015 from 3 different perspectives: Technology, Methods & Research, Developer Relations & Partnering and Communications.

Technology, Methods & Research

We make organizations all over the world work better and users’ lives easier by radically rethinking technology. During the next year we will continue doing what we always did: be passionate about what we do to extend the limits.

1.  Continuous improvement is the key to delivering the best product possible. In 2015, besides building up a developer portal, we are working on improving our Core Engine as well as the Framework and more. See our roadmap for further details.

2. New Technologies always open up possibilities to rethink design patterns and managment methods: Together with agile project management experts from boris gloger consulting, UX specialists from 9dots and enterprise architecture engineers from 25th-floor, we are combining the best out of Design Thinking and SCRUM with Sclable.

3.  Our main research areas 2015 are:

– Hyper Domains: Blueprints for domain snippets

– Visualization of complex domain models

– Distribution and providing of mass data in the Cloud as contextual knowledge

Developer Relations & Partnering

2015 is moreover the year to further improve our relations with the increasing Sclable developer community and with partner companies, continuing to support each other.

1. Worldwide Meetup Groups: The Sclable developer community is growing, and it is time to create Sclable Meetup Groups all over the world. Sclable Meetup Groups give you as a developer the chance to talk about topics like DDD with PHP and Agile Software Development or to get and receive concrete support.

2. Sclable Academy: While you sclable your world, we provide you with all the necessary knowledge from A – Z. In workshops, white papers, forums or personal assistance you will find all the support you need.

3. Partnering: We strongly believe that the future does not belong to individual organizations, but to ecosystems where knowledge, services and resources are distributed to the community of cooperating enterprises. We are searching for complementary partner companies to mutually profit from each other.


Engaging in conversation with our community and providing high quality content is of great concern to us. While in the last 2 years our focus layed clearly on the technological development of our product, 2015 will be a year with increasing communication efforts.

1. Spreading our expertise on Agility and Domain Driven Design

Events: We will share the experience and knowledge we gained through researching and developing over the years at several international events and conferences. The objective is to present our extensive knowledge about Domain Driven Design and Agile Software Development with other developers and to encourage a joint discussion about the topic.

Blog: At the very heart of our communication strategy is the blog we started in October 2014. We use it to post deep content that is valid in the long-term. In the next year, we will increase the frequency of blog posts to 3 – 5 a month. Sclable experts and guest bloggers will write and connect with us. Stay tuned for inspiring, captivating content written by interesting experts.

2. Increasing our social media efforts: Through our community member’s feedback and participation we will intensify the dialogue with our community. Follow us on Twitter, connect with us on LinkedIn or friend us on Facebook and become an active part in this conversation.

3. Intensifying media contacts: Our message is very clear, “We make organizations all over the world work better and users’ lives easier by radically rethinking technology.”  By providing our intuitive tool for modelling business domains, we empower great organisations to adapt to new challenges flexible and fast. We are strengthening contacts with journalists from quality media who will become our partners in spreading this message.

Sclable is looking forward to an exciting 2015.

And we think we are still on time to wish you too a fulfilling New Year!