By Petra Breitfuss,

In our blog we will share the knowledge we collect through research, experience and inspiration with our community. Additionally we will give insights to what we develop. Before we got started we were thinking about the right format to present our content.

We decided to run a blog – why?

We have an elaborate homepage and we are represented on social network sites. But while our homepage informs merely about our product, and our tweets or Facebook posts transport short-dated and very dynamic content, our blog shows long-term content with a wider range of topics and takes a closer look at things. What we publish on our blog demands classic reading and you will need to take some time for that.

In a nutshell: We run a blog, because we need more than a couple of seconds of your attention.

In order to stay on top we need to go to the bottom of things.

We are convinced that our radical approach towards technology forces us to dive deeper into the knowledge that is connected with what we do. This makes us continue to think outside the box and stay open for new approaches and ideas. We believe that sharing the content we reflect about with our community can be an inspiration for any reader.

What can you expect?

Basically our knowledge is divided into two groups:
–    Ourselves – through research and experiences that we make developing our product
–    Others –  who inspire us and we can learn from

We formed three categories to present these two kinds of knowledge:

Sclabel Revolution – This is where you can take a look behind the scene. Get insights from our Sclable experts, see how we develop our product. Read about the Sclable experience of our customers. You think that what we announce on our homepage sounds too ambitious? Here is prove that we can actually walk the talk.

TechTalk – Agility, Domain Driven Design with PHP and Business Application Development. Read articles of authors with profound expertise in these and other upcoming topics. Sclable experts and friends take a closer look and go into detail in topics of their field of expertise.

What you always wanted to know – Learn more about fresh topics everybody talks about. Get instructions of what actually works. Or find out what it takes to fail for sure.

Be a part!

One of our core values is transparency, because we deeply believe in promoting openness and sharing our findings with others. Not only are we open about making information and knowledge available, we are also open about receiving it – in the form of feedback, through participation of guest bloggers etc.

We are inviting guest bloggers to write with us, if you are interested, contact us!