LeicaShop is a company located in Vienna, Austria. We specialize in the buying and selling of vintage cameras – Leica and others – and have established ourselves as the No. 1 dealer of used cameras in Austria.

The challenge: replace a fractured IT infrastructure and ERP setup with a centralized solution that can replace all aspects of LeicaShop’s business – from the purchasing, servicing and selling of cameras, to our communication infrastructure and the backend running of the leading auction house, Westlicht Photographica Auction.

Alongside the Sclable solution, we also evaluated ready-made systems, but quickly came to the conclusion that our specialized setup required a custom-made solution. Further, as a small dynamic company, we require a flexible system that can be adapted to our ever-changing needs. For this setup, Sclable was the perfect match.

Since the system currently in operation has reached its end of life and is causing employees numerous extra hours of work every day, a quick switch to a new system was a key requirement. As the main developer, I started diving into the new Sclable framework from day one on and had the ability to provide feedback to the team.

The framework’s setup is a very modular one with multiple layers, each of which can be interchanged if needed. With my PHP background, I felt at home in the MVC framework Sclable provides and was able to quickly start coding a custom tailored CRM system for the company – with a development of under 2 months from specification to rollout. Sclable’s use of the Postgres database to its full potential allows a lot of the complex logic to be placed where it belongs – in the database itself, rather than hidden away in PHP code. This leaves me with a much thinner and cleaner application layer than in other projects I have worked on and makes the system easier to understand and maintain.

The support provided by the Sclable team is second to none: bugs I reported were quickly fixed, new feature requests taken up into the development roadmap. As a result, the new Sclable framework is quickly becoming a solid foundation for any business application. Due to its inherent flexibility, it can handle anything you throw at it: be it a CRM, Warehouse management, Service management, or a custom purchasing/sales/invoicing/reporting setup. Sclable’s entity workflows – defined in the database schema – provide a clear guide for developing the application. Then, the application simply provides controller actions for enriching the default workflow transitions where needed. The power of the system rests in these workflows that create a working application without any custom code – custom code is only needed where the standard functionality does not fit the requirements of the application.

Thanks to Sclable, LeicaShop is now heading for a system switch at the end of 2014. The implemented system will be able to handle the main workflows in the company and will be further developed to encompass all aspects of the company in the coming years – the sky is the limit.